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Graduate quicker with CLEP

College level exam of proficiency


CLEP, the College Level Examination program is an expedient way for gathering college credits for what you know and what you have learned.

This is also the ideal way to study at home where you can study non-stop or at the pace you determine.

As opposed to schools and colleges where you spend approximately three hours per week listening
to lectures, you can spend much more time at home learning the same subject plus you can consult
 as many resources such as books and on line postings while making your own notes and study guides
 in the process.

Since you will be involved in the process of learning by yourself, you will learn faster and retain more
making you more knowledgeable giving you a sense of self assurance in the process.

CLEP examinations on a variety of subjects are given by your local public libraries with a fee of only
$72.00 per examination, which is much cheaper than the fees you are required to pay were you registered
 in the same subject in a college or a university.

Imagine not loading yourself up with college loans or making your family mortgage their home, which in
reality is your inheritance, to send you to college.

In order to fully benefit from the CLEP program though, it is important that you first check with your
 college or university whether they accept CLEP credits towards graduation or admission to their school.

If not, find a school which does because a degree from any accredited college is just as good as from
any other.

For more information check out the CLEP website at: