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Science is not for scientists only; it affects our lives and the rest of the lay public's just as much,
if not more, than the scientists!

We need to start by learning and teaching that part of science which affects our lives the most.
That science is Microbiology which started improving the quality of our lives back in 1880.

Microbiology is special in one unique way. It criss-crosses all science subjects thus giving us a
broader science background than when we learn different science subjects separately.

Knowing Microbiology thus makes us a more versatile scientist and a more knowledgeable person
 than if we were without it.

The sad part, however, is that we have been phasing out Microbiology from our schools and colleges
 since about the mid fifties and early sixties of the twentieth century. This has created a skills and a
concepts' gap which now spans over fifty years or three human generations.

Since we loose a considerable portion of our knowledge base with each passing generation, loosing
 basically all of microbiology in one sweep has created a much wider knowledge and skills gap than
we realize.

Unless we fill that gap, we can neither improve science education nor science know-how of our public
which, in fact, affects the quality of their health and also the quality of their day to day lives.
This gap is also preventing us from attracting more students into science and thereby creating a
shortage of versatile scientists that our society, especially our science based industries and research
and development facilities, desperately need.

The Science Skills Center is the only Center which is specially designed to bridge this ever widening

Here students can learn complete hands-on, lab based Microbiology much like the way we used to
teach this subject prior to the fifties of the twentieth century with one important exception.

We have replaced Microbiology of those days, when it was taught mostly with disease producing
organisms relevant to the clinical setting of a hospital, with safer GREEN MICROBIOLOGY™, a
curriculum we specially designed to teach all the basic concepts and skills of Microbiology with relative

As a starting point for the professional development of science and non-science teachers alike, we
 recommend that all take our hands-on Green Microbiology™ workshop.

They should also consider taking any of our other workshops and courses thereby augmenting their
 own professional background.

A state of knowingness and versatility has always been the key to personal and societal growth. It is
 more true now during the present times of our economic down turn.

It is also worth noting that we owe all of our growth and development to versatile, knowledgeable and
 skillful people. New ideas, products and services have always surfaced when such people are around.

Otherwise a relative state of stagnation sets in wherein the only activity is marketing the goods and
services produced by the creative people. That phase, however, soon dies down from lack of inflow
of new ideas which again require versatile people, the kind our eductional system has quit producing.

To see a listing of our educational programs and how to avail of them, click here or go to Educational