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Educational programs


The Center offers a number of tours, training programs, workshops and courses. These are listed below:

1. TOURS: Tours are the best way to get to know us. We recommend taking a half day tour on Saturdays from 11.00 to 2.00 P.M. Fee for the tour is $30.00. Please register by sending us an E-mail at info@cengenaped.com.

2. WORKSHOPS: Workshops of various duration and on various topics are offered by the Center. Most workshops are one day long unless mentioned otherwise. Topics are listed below:

Fee for one day workshops is $100.00 paid at least three weeks prior to the workshop. Fee at the door is $125.00. Fee for longer workshops is listed with the respective workshops.

Register for the workshops by sending us an E-mail indicating which workshop(s) you would like to attend. We will then notify you of the workshop schedule, confirming your registration.

Please note: Fee for the workshops is payable in full three weeks prior to the scheduled date of the workshop.

Depending on the space, walk-ins will also be accepted. Fee at the door will be $125.00.

Cancellation fee is $25.00 provided cancelled in writing at least one week prior to the scheduled date of the workshop.


(a)An overview of teaching science via 150 concepts and skills.

(b)An approach to integrating all knowledge.

(c)Biomimicry in education - The Nature Actuated Teaching and Learning process.

(d)Technotherapy™. Eliminating stress, anxiety, and effective disorders via learning and practicing hands-on lab based Science, Technology and doing research.

(e)How to be an affective teacher without trying?

(f)Religion, spirituality, prosperity, gurus, goodness and inner peace.

(g) Science redefined - a practical and expanded definition.

(h) What is true hands-on Science and how to teach it?

(i) Green Microbiology™

(j) Learn-ability and Teach-ability

(k) Learning disability and remedies thereof


These are longer than one day workshops which basically cover a particular theme such as:

Guitar Master Classes by renowned teachers, microscopy,
isolation, identification and quantitation of biologically significant molecules, testing and quantitating enzymes, antigen-antibody reactions and their diagnostic role, how to know and test for an immune enhancer, science intensives

1. Fundamentals of Microbiology and Immunology as they relate to human health, environmental quality, and industrial and economic development.

This is a one hundred hour hands-on lab course which takes us back to the pre 1880 era showing the condition of human life the world over and how Microbiological knowledge which we discovered rather accidentally not only changed human life for the better but also gave numerous insights into the working of life itself.

Microbiology in fact was the seed from which all of the current areas of biology, biotechnology, molecular biology and genetic engineering sprouted from. So also did our clinical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, fermentation, and food preservations industries as well as all the public health measures of hygiene, vaccination and similar other disease prevention and treatment modalities.

Microbiology also is the only subject which criss-crosses subject barriers taking a student into biochemistry, physiology, enzymology, physics, nutrition, immunology, histology, pathology, epidemiology, sociology, and economics. >br>
This subject thus provides a student the broadest, most versatile background than any other subject preparing the student for a variety of jobs and career fields.

In order to feel the full impact of the importance of this subject consider for a moment that practically every scientist who won a Nobel Prize in the field of Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology etc., was a Bacteriologist to begin with. Thus those who phased out courses of Microbiology from our universities and colleges still do not grasp the damage, inadvertently as it may be, they have done not only to the society at large but also to the employers who go begging for versatile, idea rich workers but they too do not see the importance of Microbiology for they have literally fleeced the subject for their immediate needs thus shutting the pipeline which could have provided them not only with versatile and creative workers capable of doing Nobel Prize caliber work and the yet unknown products, services and procedures the world awaits for.

It is for the above reasons that the Center insists that everyone, science or non-science persons alike, need to start their education with a hands-on course in Microbiology. After all, that is how the Collective Human Mind of circa l880 got its jump start. The Individual Human mind of today deserves the same jump start so it is part of the Collective Human Mind and adds to its growth in return.

Fee for this 100 hour lab course is $600.00. Separate classes meet days, evenings and weekends.

To register send us an E-mail to info@scienceskillscenter.org. We will then send you the course schedule for you to register for the session that meets your time frame.

2. A four week Summer Science Intensive for high school juniors and seniors (ages 13 years and above).

This is a MUST COURSE for any one wishing to go into science based jobs or careers. It is a hands-on course covering all of the fundamentals of microbiology plus introdution to the 150 concepts and skills that scientists use to do science.

This is your head start for science. From here on the rest will be practice plus science books will no longer be a mystery to you. You will also be able to see the SCIENCE BEHIND THE DISCOVERIES that you may hear on the radio or televison or read about them in the newpapers and various periodicals.

Fee for this science intensive is $400.00 payable two weeks in advance.

The dates for the summer course are: Starting first Monday of August, then meeting for four consecutive weeks, five days a week, from 11.00 A.M. to 3.00 P.M.


1. Green Microbiology workshop: In mere thirty clock hours plus on line learning, this workshop prepares science and non-science teachers so they can teach fundamental of Microbiology to their students in a hands-on fashion with a minimum of equipment. The workshop also prepares teachers for teaching hygiene and public health thus preventing spread of infectious and contagious diseases within the school, outdoors and the home environment.

Fee for this intensive workshop is $250.00 plus $50.00 for supplies, making a total of $300.00. Some of supplies, teachers will take back with them to use in their classrooms.

Full fee is payable three weeks in advance of the workshop. Fee at the door is $350.00 plus $50.00 for the supplies, making a total of $400.00.

No cancellation after registration except that you will be shifted to a future workshop.

To register for the workshop go to: www.iibbt.com and click on the greenmicrobiology link. Payments are accepted via Visa or Master card or via paypal. We do not accept American Express cards.