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Theme based learning


Theme based learning allows one to concentrate on a particular theme and learn practically
everything thing that needs to be learned about that theme.

For example, if a person was learning about microscopy as a theme, he or she will learn all
about not just the light microscope but all the other microscopes such as the dark field, the
phase contrast and the fluorescent microscopes plus other more advanced ones.

Additionally, the person will also be learning all about lighting and the proper alighnment of
the microscope in relation to the source of light so as to cut down ghosts, flickering images
and other image artifacts and also prepare the specimen for photomicrography.

This theme will also include instructions for the proper maintenance of the varius microscopes
as well as how the various parts of the optics such as the objective lenses, the eye pieces and
 the condensors have to match for getting the best results out of a miroscope.

Other themes are presented with the same degree of thoroughness ane completeness as the one
above given as an example.

Time required to study a theme thoroughly depends on the particualr theme. This informtion and
 the fee for each theme is given separately. See Thematic learning.