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Why Green Microbiology?


Green Microbiology is safe Microbiology!

Understandably, microbiology has the connotation of disease. For this reason one may shun not to study it. But there are more non disease producing microorganisms than disease producing ones. Yet all those are studied using the same principles and procedures of microbiology used to study the disease producing ones.

That is where the Green Microbiology comes in. With Green Microbiology we can teach practically all of the principles, procedures, and skills of microbiology using killed organisms and where live organisms are needed, limiting their use to those belonging to the Bio-safety level one.

That makes green microbiology doubly safe yet highly educational preparing our student to do real science than just read about it.

We also have additional theme based workshops such as practical microscopy, use of spectrophotometers, pH and conductivity meters, centrifugation and other separation techniques such as chromatography and electrophoresis and much more.(see complete listing of theme based workshops below)

To inquire about Green Microbiology send an E-mail to the Center at: info@cengenaped/gereenmicrobilogy
To register for Green Microbiology courses or workshops go to
For information about theme based science workshops, send E-mail to info@cengenaped/themebasedlearning.

You can also register on line for Green Microbiology course or workshop, or for various theme based workshops.

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