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Science Skills Center


Science Skills Center was established for two reasons.

One, since the mid fifties and early sixties of the past century, we have been progressively cutting
 down lab based science courses, partly because of cost but mostly because universities and
colleges shifted their emphasis to research away from teaching the basics and;

Two, understanding science needs to be part of every educated individual’s background.

Since science cannot be adequately learned without learning the use of important scientific instruments
none of which is now systematically taught by most of our universities and colleges, students learning
 science via text books and lecture format without the use of instruments get confused, disillusioned,
and due to no fault of their own, run away from science.

The only remedy to this dilemma is to revive the lab based science complete with all the essential
scientific instruments and procedures from the beginning to now that enabled us to make the important
 scientific discoveries which cannot be understood and appreciated by the beginning students who are
taught science without the use of those instruments. Science thus becomes an abstract, impractical
 subject to them instead of an enjoyable one.

The only remedy is to bring back the forgotten rules and tools of science, complete with all the essential
 instruments, so that they could be systematically and chronologically taught to the students.

This void is now filled by the Science Skills Center, a one of a kind Science Skills Center, likes of which
 do not even exist in our schools, colleges and universities.

We have equipped the Science Skills Center with such instruments as the light, dark field, phase
contrast and fluorescent microscopes, pH meters, conductivity meters, centrifuges, concentrators,
 flash evaporators, dialysis, distillation and freeze drying equipment as well as with a variety of
spectrophotometers and chromatography and electrophoresis equipment and much more. Nothing
useful is left out.

This is true hands-on science and we would like you to take a tour of our facilities so to see for
 yourself how our system of teaching can make you an educated, well rounded, versatile and
analytical individual.

This type of education can also open many more jobs and career paths for you than possible via
 the conventional education. There, when the jobs phase out you also get phased out. Yet versatile
 individuals always are in high demand. We want you to become such a versatile individual.

To start with and to know us better, take a tour of our facilities. Send us an E-mail at info@scienceskillscenter.org
 or register on line at www.scienceskillscenter.org. We will then send you our upcoming tour schedule.