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Notes to parents and educators


If you want your students and children to become versatile, knowledgeable adults, teach them
all there is to learn,
including science but especially science because science is the glue which
connects all knowledge.

But to teach science, you cannot do it the way you are doing it now, in bits and pieces,
spread over a long
period of time without much lab component if at all. You have to teach
it the way you teach music, art, sports
and technology.

For music, you are giving them musical instruments to learn and practice, not just sheet music
 without teaching
them to read music or how the various chords play out on the instruments;

For art, you give them paint, paint brushes and canvass along with step by step instructions on
shading and giving
perspective to what is drawn, not just models and out door landscapes to paint
 right from the start;

For sports, you give them balls and bats and all the other sports paraphernalia along with the rules
of the games
plus plenty of opportunities to practice, practice and practice, not just description of
how the games are played;

For technology, you give them computers, lap tops, I-pods, cell phones, and whatnots complete with
and updates on how to use them - the directions they really don't need because they have
been learning by
themselves by just doing on their own.

Then why not do the same for science? We have to, if we want science to become just as popular as
 sports, art,
music and technology as well as part of our day to day lives.

But how?

PAERENTS: Start by bringing your children to the Science Skills Center. In fact become a SCIENCE
SCIENCE MOM OR SCIENE DAD yourself making science a hobby for you also.

on field trips to the
Science Skills Center.

For registration and tour information: Send E-mail to:info@scienceskillscenter.org